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Bruno Marchal wrote:

And once the observer is defined by the LUM (Löbian universal
machine), we can extract from addition and multiplication, the whole
UP-theology (GOD, NOÙS and UNIVERSAL SOUL, and the down-theology:
theory of consciousness, matter and qualia. It is "scientific" in the
sense of being testable, by comparing our observable matter, and the
matter that machines can observe in arithmetic. It is elegant, I dare
to say, because we can take as TOE elementary arithmetic (already
taught in school!), and then everything else including GOD and why GOD
has no name (Oops!), appears (not in time, by logic and arithmetic.
OK. It seems to be elegant, indeed. Not sure how useful it'll be, though.
Extracting laws of physics out of it seems to me like computing the
mandelbrot on a pocket calculator.
Just looking and using empirical science seems to be more practical to me
(even though we won't get that exact results this way).

It is not a question of being useful, but a question of being consequent with the assumption we do. Comp does not needed to be used to study the physical (except Everett uses it, note, but don't mind this), but it makes computer science capable of explaining where the physical laws come from, and by the Solovay G/G* splitting and the intensional variants we get the picture already at a testable level, and it already explains some "weird" quantum features. That is my job, you don't need to be interested.

Would I have search all that would I have discovered salvia in my youth? Perhaps. I have a craving for reasoning from hypothesis (arguing).

I think that in the long run, being serious (and thus modest) in theology is the best remedy against fundamentalism and authoritarism. Now, being serious here might consisted in recognizing the incredible machine's theology (a branch of computer science), and even number theory.

... but we are not even serious on health ... <sigh>



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