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> What you're not seeing is that low level behavior is sometimes
> determined by high level motives (and vice versa). That's not
> debatable, it's a fact. If your view does not allow for that, then
> it's your view that is conjuring magic to explain it away. Substance
> monism is pathalogically superstitious against meaning and teleology,
> even to the point of denying it's own functionalist fetish.

It's confusing to say high level factors affect low level factors. The
economy is a high level factor, which emerges from the activity of
people interacting with each other and with their environment. The
economy affects the behaviour of people: if the price of a commodity
goes down, people are less inclined to buy it. However, this does not
mean that it has a causal efficacy over and above the behaviour of the
system's components. We know that the economy is entirely explained as
the result of the components interacting with each other, and we know
this even though it is in practice impossible to predict what exactly
these components will do.

>>An ion channel will open not because the appropriate ligand
>> has bound, but all by itself.
> If I get mad, then the ion channels involved in anger-related neural
> pathways open. They are not forced to by an exterior gravity, they are
> compelled to from the interior.

No no no! The ion channels open when you get mad because the
appropriate ligand binds to them. At every point in the neural
pathways there is an identifiable physical reason why something
happens, which leads to a chain of events resulting in you yelling at
me for being obstinate. The anger qualia supervene on this chain of
physical events. The anger qualia cannot in themselves have any effect
on matter.

Stathis Papaioannou

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