On 9/2/2011 6:51 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
Really?  Can you will yourself to be sad, happy, satisfied?  I don't think so.
>  >>>  Of course you can. If you imagine something terrible happening to
>  >>>  someone you care about, you will yourself to be sad. Some people do it
>  >>>  for a living, they are called actors. Sorry to be snide, I don't mean
>  >>>  it to you personally, I'm just responding to the lameness of substance
>  >>>  monism.
>  >>  But that's not just willing.  That's recalling or imagining some 
interaction with your
>  >>  environment.  Drugs can make you happy or sad without any reference to 
the environment.
>  >  But recalling or imagining environmental references can make you happy
>  >  or sad without any drugs. It's symmetrical (non) supervenience.
>  But neither one is simply willing yourself to be happy or sad.
You're thinking of willing as some kind of cognitive act. It's not.
When you move your arm, you don't will your arm to move, you just move
it. When you make yourself sad, you move your limbic system. It's the
same principle,

Exactly. But you can't just 'sad' yourself or make your self feel anything without reference to your environment.


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