On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 02:13:17PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> here you are summing up well my critics of Schmidhuber and Tegmark
> which I have done when entering in this list discussion.
> This has given the big debate between ASSA and RSSA (the absolute
> and the relative Self-Sampling-Assumption).
> DM, or comp, does not work with the ASSA, which indeed would make
> the physical as a sort of geographical. In a sense, comp rescues
> physics from such approaches, and it introduces a new invariant (the
> change of the phi_i, or the change for the initial ontic theory).
> But comp also  rescues consciousness and persons from the
> materialist tendency to eliminate them.
> Anthropic principles are not completely evacuated, some defense of
> them and variants are still possible, especially for the
> cosmological history and for some explanation of geography. But the
> laws of physics are not anthropic. They might be said in a loose
> sense to be universal machine-thropic, or Löbian-Thropic, but not in
> the Bayesian sense. The probabilities and their rôle are derived
> from the first person indeterminacy.

With COMP, I don't see any difference between Anthropic and

With COMP, and via your UDA, our observed universe is selected from
the set of all infinite strings (which I call descriptions in my

Without the anthropic principle, ISTM that your theory would suffer
the Occam catastrophe fate. How do you avoid that?



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