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> That is the Occam
> catastrophe. Something prevents the world from being too simple. I
> think that something is the Anthropic Principle, but I'm interested if
> you have an alternative suggestion.

In addition to the Anthropic Principle, I offer a Law of Improbability
Preservation. If a universe had only rules it would get only
unknowable unconsciousness and no possibility of novel patterns. If it
had only novelty, then it would get intolerable insanity. Life is a
quintessential example what you get when you have a principle which
counterbalances rules and novelty, since intentional reproduction of
uncommon patterns would be one way of preserving them in the face of
endlessly recurring common patterns. So yes, it's the Anthropic
Principle, but what makes it even possible for an Antrhopic Principle
to even exist is a small but significant statistical advantage that
this universe gives oddball events to stick around long enough to
collect into patterns.

That advantage of unexpected statistical bias toward the unexpected is
the seed of 'significance' itself and the motivation behind that bias
is the essence of teleology and biology. Natural selection is a
concrete manifestation of this law, preserving and extinguishing
species as an engine of biodiversity, and sexual reproduction is an
even more amplified diversity engine, providing intentionality of
individual organisms to combine their dominant common genomes and
nurture their desirable recessive phenomes.

For those who see life as ‘simply’ a matter of Anthropic
inevitability, they are partially right. To those who see life as a
special, meaningful magical process, they are partially right too.
Both things arise from their distinction to the other. Without
probability there could be no improbability, and life, if nothing
else, is literally the embodiment of improbability. A tradition of
exceptional rules which preserve and promote exceptions to the rules.
Life is what improbability feels like. It is the midpoint between
inevitability and impossibility.


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