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> What is intended by "the first person are no duplicable from their first
> person point of view" is just the mundane assumption that any subjective
> point of view is always limited to that of a single, localised individual.

Evolution has created us to be comfortable with that mundane assumption
because the environment does not contain duplicating chambers, but there is
nothing physically impossible or logically self contradictory about such
machines. So the idea that a  subjective point of view is always limited to
that of a localized single individual is just that, a mundane assumption
that worked well in the past but not necessarily in the future and is
certainly not a law of nature, just a rule of thumb that has worked pretty
well up to know.

>This is very far from being any kind of "mystical" claim

It's as mystical as the Roman Catholic idea of transubstantiation, although
all scientific tests say it's just like bread and wine they claim there is
a ENORMOUS difference and now it's really the body and blood of GOD; and in
my symmetrical room thought experiment all scientific tests say there is no
difference between the original and the copy, and even the two themselves
can not subjectively tell themselves apart, yet you insist there is still a
ENORMOUS difference between the two. Compared to that the Catholic's idea
is almost sensible.

> >it's just a statement about the limitations of ordinary experience.

Yes, but duplicating chambers are not ordinary, they involve extraordinary

> since by assumption each successor must be restricted to a single,
> localised experience That's the whole point of this step in the UDA
> reasoning.

I know, and that's exactly the problem.

> Can we accept it and move on?

You can do whatever you want, as for me I believe if a proof makes a
blunder in the first sentence there is no point in reading more.

  John K Clark

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