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> So your point is that you would feel at both place at once ??? If that's
> not an extraordinary claim... don't know what is.

This is interesting I think as it leads directly back to the symbol
grounding (Chinese Room) problem, which is a problem created by comp's
denial of material continuity as relevant to consciousness.

If we look as brain-conjoined twins, we find that they have no problem
feeling through both ends of their shared nervous system, because they
are connected physically. They share the same mind in some respects,
and not in others (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/29/magazine/could-

We can feel many places at once, as long as there is biological
continuity from our brain to whatever extends into another place.
Without that continuity, sense breaks down and subjectivity fragments
into objects. If you try to explain this in a way that bypasses
physicality, you are forced into some ungrounded metaphysics to
explain consciousness, where gears and levers can suddenly manifest a
generic sense of 'I' if arranged in a sufficiently sophisticated


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