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That's why I said, except for people who believe in philosophical zombies.
A quailess AI isn;t a p-zombie. A p-zombie is physically identical to
a human. An AI will be
made out of silicon or something, which could naturalsitically explain
its lack of qualia.
That is a different matter. With the possible exception of Craig, we
all think our  toasters are
But if our robots behave as intelligently as humans we (except Craig) will 
suppose they
have qualia too.
I don't see e why. We already don't, i n several senses. We don't
attribute qualia to gadget that are
smarter than us at specific tasks such as playing chess. We also don't
expect sci fi AIs such as Mr DataA
to havea emotions or qualia...in fact we seem to have the intuition
that they are qualiless *because* they
are so one sidedly logical. Why would qualia help with intelligence
anyway? If our AIs showed aesthetic  flair,
empathy, artistic creatviity etc, that would be another matter. How
could you be a great painter without colour
qualia? But that's not exactly intelligence.
By 'behave intelligently' I intended to convey 'with purpose and reflection' 
and just
Why would reflection (higher order thought), or purpose, require
   I didn't say they would, I said we will suppose they have qualia.

I don;t think we would infer qualia from intelligence, because we seem
not to at the moment.

I think we do.  My dog acts intelligently and most people suppose he 
experiences qualia.


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