On Apr 30, 12:02 am, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:
> On 4/29/2012 8:59 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
> > On Apr 29, 11:40 pm, meekerdb<meeke...@verizon.net>  wrote:
> >> So why is it that some people don't feel pain?
> > You mean physiologically, like Leprosy or a spinal cord injury?
> No, genetically.  There is no specific 'receiving instrument' for pain.

There are many receiving instruments for pain. Noiciceptors, Aδ
fibers, C fibers, particular regions of the nervous system like the
dorsal horns of the spinal cord and thalamus. If those instruments are
damaged or genetically malformed, the person's conscious reception or
interpretation of pain may be altered. This isn't to say that
something like pain isn't still experienced on other levels by
individual cells or tissues of the body.


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