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> Using mathematics, computations and symbols; human embodied
> consciousness can (using computers) create models, simulations,
> emulations, depictions, replications, representations etc. of
> observations of the physical universe and its processes.

We can create models for ourselves, but nothing else in the universe
reads them that way.

> This assumes that the actual observable physical universe is
> exemplified by, and is, instantiations of, mathematics and
> computations.
> 1) Does this mean that mathematics is *en-coded* as formulas in matter
> and energy?

If so that would mean that mathematics is either:

a) encoded in something other than mathematics - if so, whatever it is
that math can be encoded into (matter) makes encoding redundant and
unexplainable. If you have something other than math, then why does
math need to be encoded as it?

b) encoded as some other mathematical formula - if so, then the
appearance of the encoded non-math is redundant and unexplainable.

> 2) If so, are models, simulations, emulations, depictions,
> replications, representations, a mathematical computational *decoding*
> of an *en-coded* mathematical physical reality?

They are a partial decoding. The modeling process allows our mind to
recover some essential sense experience of the physics, thereby
superimposing a supersignifying abstraction layer on our experience of
it's reality.

My view in a nutshell:

Sense is not an emergent property of information.

Significance is a recovered property* of sense.

Matter is a form of significance. A sensible persistence through time
which we perceive as volume-densities divided from us and each other
by space.

To be informed is to recover significance through sense.

Sense is primordial, concrete, essential, and viscerally real.

Information is a derivative, redundant term which models sense from a
hypothetical third person view (a view which, taken literally, could
only be that of a formless, non-sense, omniscient voyeur), rendering
consciousness a generic, sterile, and meaningless wireframe of

Extrapolating a worldview based on this inversion of sense-making and
inert data is useful for modeling computation but is catastrophic if
applied literally to consciousness, as it makes life, order, emotion,
and intelligence itself into a meaningless function for the sake of
function. It makes sense into a kind of non-sense.


*By recovered property I mean that significance cannot emerge from
nothing, it can only be recovered or discovered from everything.

Consciousness is a splinter or temporal diffraction of the cosmos as a
whole, which, when experienced outside of ‘our world’ (umwelt,
perceptual inertial frame, or cumulative history of perception), would
be an undiffracted totality or eternal instant…devoid of everything
except absence of any absence and filled with nothing except the
presence of presence

…and I mean that in the most non-mystical and unambiguous sense (/
Cheshire grin)

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