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> > Thanks for your input.  Some of what you state I follow, but some I do
> > not, but I set that aside.
> > To further clarify: The best analogy as to what I was considering is the
> > role of DNA in biological processes. DNA is coded by/with classified amino
> > acids that eventually through time and growth display the physical results
> > of the coding.

> Interpreting the DNA code or *decoding* gives rise to
> > theoretical mathematically described simulations, emulations or models, etc
> > of a physical body containing a physical brain.

Not necessarily. All we really know is that genes code for protein.
Protein synthesis, epigenetics, a whole universe of environmental
interaction and top-down influence contribute to the overall
development of a physical body. It's like saying that tcp/ip packets
give rise to YouTube content.

> > DNA is a dimensional physical exemplification or instantiation that can be
> > *decoded* and then be simulated or modeled as a complete body & brain (if
> > there is such a thing).
> > If it is assumed the brain is a natural computer, the DNA should contain
> > an encoded version of that same brain.

Our fingers are natural computers if we use them that way. Computation
isn't necessarily a causally efficacious principle in the universe. I
think that it's a sensory theme which is instrumental in maintaining
solid objects through time, but that's about it. It has no feeling,
meaning, power, or desire. The lowest, most common end of what we are
looks like a brain, and computation is what goes on when we look at
matter with matter.

> > This in turn gives rise to the questions of interpretations or maybe more
> > importantly misinterpretations (beliefs) by the brain (natural computer) of
> > what the 6 senses observe.

The brain computes, but it is also a collection of living organism. An
electronic computer computes but it is not a living organism, and it
is an inorganic assembly. The commonality is paper thin, and the
difference extends back billions of years.


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