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    > I think the claim that, "It's either determined or random." is misleading.
    Thoughts and actions may be determined in the sense of constrained to a 
    narrow probability distribution, and yet random.

it is a deterministic certainty that a coin flip will never turn into an ostrich and will always produce a heads or a tails, but if it came up tails it did so for a reason or it did not do so for a reason. And you may have inherited the risk taking gene so it is determined that you like to take dangerous adventurous vacations; there is a reason you have that personality trait, but you may have picked climbing Mt. Everest rather than the Matterhorn for no reason at all, it was random. But what does the "free will" noise have to do with any of this?

I explains why people think, "I could have done otherwise." They could, due to random events in their brain/environment, but causal efficacy of those random events (e.g. choosing Everest vs Matterhorn) is narrowly constrained by who they are. So even though their choice is 'random' it still may satisfy the social/legal concept of their responsibility.


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