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> No, after the copying Bruno Washington and Bruno Moscow will both look at 
> their identical diary entries and both will conclude "I was right". And you, 
> the third party outside observer, will look at the behavior of both Bruno 
> Washington and Bruno Moscow and you will agree with the first person 
> perspective of both of them that the accuracy of their predictions was indeed 
> perfect. There will be no indeterminacy and no confusion between "1-pov" and 
> "3-pov" and everybody will agree on what has occurred, unless of course 
> somebody makes the illogical assumption that there can be only one Bruno 
> Marchal.

It may be illogical but it's the way we think. The 3-pov is the way things 
actually are, from a god's eye perspective, and the 1-pov is the way things 
seem to an observer embedded in the experiment. That the observer knows the 
objective truth does not change the way he feels about it.

-- Stathis Papaioannou

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