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I admire you, Stephen, for writing with such ease about Gödel etc.

 Dear John,

Thanks, I must confess that I am mostly flying by the seat of my pants on this. I welcome any critique whatsoever so long as I can correct errors and learn something from it.

- in my agnosticism I would say:
"many' MAY refer to a wider cumulative complexity of similar coomplexities (like the machine Bruno would call "us") and I never tried to identify myself (us? humans?) for Bruno's view).

I am mostly trying to define what is an observer in a generic way that eliminates, as much as possible, the anthropocentric bias that the term usually implies for us.

Since I do not stand on the restricted arithmetic base-line, I feel comfortable NOT to count the 'many'.

My point is that if we are going to discuss the act of counting there there has to be something to count in the first place or else we have to acknowledge that the action is empty, that it does not refer to anything. When we say there is a plurality of entities, numbers, or whatever, that means to me that at least:

1) there is more than 1
2) there is a distinction between them that can be indexed
3) there is a reference set that is playing the role of the tally stick. Let we tick off numbers on our fingers, counting is at its root a comparison between two collections of some kind. One cannot count by just referring some element of a collection to some other element or subset of that same collection.

/To: 'plurality':/ I do not take a "mapping" fundamental. I feel that would be restrictive into a sectional view.

Mapping only can happen when and if there is a plurality in the sense that there is a distinguishable domain and range and each are non-singular.

/Physical reality /is similar. Since I cannot exceed my own domain(s) I have no way to identify "reality". Bruno's restriction helps.

Sure, I just am working on a definition of the word "physical reality" in an attempt to damp down some ambiguity that seems to be plaguing this discussion.

 John M



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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