On 12 Aug 2012, at 19:52, Brian Tenneson wrote:

This is already a consequence of computer science. All sound machines looking inward, or doing self-reference, cannot avoid the discovery between what they can justify with words, and what they can intuit as truth.

What do justify and intuit mean?

I model intuition by the epistemic analysis of intuitionist or constructive logic/math, and thus by the logic of the knower (S4). i.e.

[]p -> p
[]p -> [][]p
[](p -> q) -> []p -> []q

With the modus ponens rule, and the necessitation rule. Some theorem relates this to intuitionistic logic. See the work of Brouwer but also of Plato and Plotinus actually, for more motivation.

There are some machines out there that do not believe intuiting the truth exists;

? (I doubt this). In any case it exists necessarily for all sound self- referential machine.

for them, if it is not justified they do not believe.

Justify from what?



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