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> Life is whatever can experience its surroundings, nonlife cannot do so.

And if Intelligence is defined as what ever a computer can't do (yet) then
it's not surprising that as of this date Artificial Intelligence has not
achieved its goal. If a human does it then its a wonderful example of
intelligence but if a computer does the exact same thing it has absolutely
nothing to do with intelligence. In 1960 solving complicated equations
required intelligence but not today, in 1980 beating a Chess Grandmaster
required intelligence but not today, in 1995 being a great research
Librarian required intelligence but not today, and in 2010 beating the two
best Jeopardy champions on planet Earth required intelligence but not

For this reason I would humbly suggest that June 23 (Alan Turing's birthday
by the way) be turned into a international holiday called "Image
Recognition Appreciation Day". On this day we would all reflect on the
intelligence required to recognize images. It is important that this be
done soon because although computers are not very good at this task right
now that will certainly change in the next few years. On the day computers
become good at it the laws of physics in the Universe will change and
intelligence will no longer be required for image recognition.

So if we ever intend to salute the brainpower required for this skill it is
imperative we do it now while we still can.

   John K Clark

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