On 12.08.2012 11:06 Bruno Marchal said the following:

On 11 Aug 2012, at 10:30, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

On 10.08.2012 00:55 Russell Standish said the following:
The point being that life need not be intelligent. In fact 999.9% of
life (but whatever measure, numbers, biomass etc) is unintelligent.

The study of artificial life by the same reason need not be a study of
artitificial intelligence, although because of a biases as an
intelligent species, a significantly higher fraction of alife research
is about AI.

What does intelligence means in this context that life is
unintelligent? Let us compare for example a bacterium and a rock.
Where there is more intelligence?

Bacteria are provably Turing complete, rocks are not.

You might remind us what you mean by "intelligent". I tend to oppose it

This is a question to Russell, as he has made a statement that "life need not be intelligent". This was exactly my question what intelligent in this respect would mean.


to competence and learning. Intelligence is needed for making competence
capable of growing and diversified, but competence has a negative
feedback on intelligence. I use intelligence in a sense closer to
free-will and consciousness than an ability to solve problems. IQ tests
concerns always form of competence (very basic one: they have been
invented to detect mental disability).



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