On 31 Aug 2012, at 17:52, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote:

Yes, but bashing nicotine is also easy. Everybody that surfs internet, especially posting too much is nicotine freak ;)


Interesting. If we don't fight prohibition, one day internet will be illegal, or strongly controlled, as many government try already.

Video games can also be very addictive, and Korea seems to have more game addiction medical help center than for drug consumption.

Note that salvia and iboga seem to be the only known "drug" not messing with the serotonergic and dopaminergic neurotransmissions, unlike alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, TV, magic mushrooms, sex, MDMA, ..., and now the net. This is confirmed by the fact that salvia is not addictive at all, and actually, like iboga, seems to cure addiction, habituation and compulsive behavior. They are really drug antidotes.



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