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> Belief in God is a gift from God, you cannot achieve it on your own.

OK but have you ever asked yourself why that should be? If God exists then
that is the single most important fact about the universe, but why would
the most powerful thing that there is be completely invisible to the
scientific method? The only answer is that's the way God wants it. Well if
God is all powerful then He's certainly capable of fooling us if He wants
to, but such petty small minded behavior is not what I'd expect from a
omnipotent omniscient being, somehow I just expect more than a boy teasing
a puppy from such a glorious being.

On the other hand I would very much expect that sort of thing from a human,
I'd expect a human being who wanted to gain power over others with religion
to push the idea that faith is a virtue, such a man would teach that the
greatest most noble thing in the world is to believe deeply and
passionately in something when there is not one damn reason for doing so.
But I think far from being a virtue faith is just about the most horrible
vice there is.

> > The same is also true of salvation.

And its hard to understand why a omnipotent omniscient being would torture
His creations for all of eternity if His efforts to fool them were
successful and they thought for even one second that He did not exist. But
it's very easy to see why a human being seeking power would push the idea,
it's really pretty clever, the witchdoctor turns a disadvantage (lack of
proof) into a advantage (the more ridiculous the idea the more virtuous you
are if you believe it); and anybody who doesn't believe faces a infinite
amount of pain.

  John K Clark


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