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> I suppose that you mean that there are histories that everyone would
> identify as bullshit. Well, this changes nothing. A myth by definition
> is something believed by a group of people in the past. Most of them
> as intelligent or more that you and me . You and me believe in things
> that will be myths tomorrow.  Most of them created by scientists. The
> mith of antropogenic global warming, the myth of cultural determinism
> for example.. There are many things that were "scientific" in the past
> "race studies" for example. Now there are "gender studies"... they
> were, and they are scientific and bullshit at the same time. I hope
> that this is clarifying.

Global warming may turn out to be wrong, but it is not a myth. It is
based on evidence and the evidence is debated. The virgin birth of
Jesus, however, is completely different. It is not based on any
evidence, because it is a matter of "faith". Believers are actually
proud of the fact that they have no evidence for it, will not change
their mind (even in principle) if evidence against it arises, and
there is hence no point arguing with them. Even worse, believers are
inconsistent: they will dismiss other peoples' equivalent
evidence-free beliefs as bullshit without a second thought.

Stathis Papaioannou

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