On 9/14/2012 6:10 AM, Stephen P. King wrote:
The "evidence" has strong indications of being manipulated for the purpose of a political agenda.

It is certainly cherry-picked by minions of the fossil fuel industry.

The way that the sensors are distributed and their data is weighed is the subject of a lot of controversy

Which has been addressed by direct comparison of different sensors. Of course the fossil fuel industry doesn't have to prove anything, they just create fake controversy and take advantage of the provisional nature of all science.

We do not have models that are accurate enough to even accurately retrodict the variation in temperatures so why are we trusting them in their predictions?.

Because whatever other factors there are it is straightforward to predict that increasing atmospheric CO2 will increase temperatures, something already calculated by Arrhenius in 1890. Burning fossil fuel releases CO2 into the atmosphere. The concentration of CO2 is increasing proportionately. Measured temperatures are increasing.


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