On 9/14/2012 12:18 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
Every belief system has a core and a set of pseudo logic, which is a
mix of pseudo arguments ad authoritas that justify their beliefs.

  Positivsts have Phisics as its core, defence shield. From this,
almost everything else is derived. Because the law of angular momentum
is true and is  science, then science is true, and science is teach in
universities, ergo everything teached in buildings next to the physics
department is science, therefore is Truth.  Physics use computers and
publish in peer reviewed magazines, ergo  long term Weather models are
science, ergo global warming is Truth.  Cultural determinism is Truth,
because the sociology department is next to the physics department.
All the truths of history, psychology, ethics and philosophy  are the
ones of the books that I read, because they are  written by
"scientists" that work in universities and are friends of  physicists
that have Nobel prizes.

If that's your belief system you've certainly exemplified the use of psuedo logic, not to mention flat out falsehoods.


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