On 12 Sep 2012, at 18:47, John Clark wrote:

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>>>  makes a bridge between two fields,
>>  What two fields?
> The study of the notion of truth, (epistemology, philosophy, metaphysics, it is interdisciplinary) and theology.

Translation from the original bafflegab: The truth is important.

And already behave like the notion of God, or what is the more common about it in many traditions.

And by the way, there is no field of theology, it has nothing intelligent to say because it has not discovered any facts.

Theology is a science. Aristotle hypothesis of the existence of a primary universe has been refuted, so we can progress in it. The physical science is a product of a theology.

> Plato's questions are at the origin of science.

But Plato lived 2500 years ago and we are no longer at the origin of science, it's time to move on.

Not at all. Theology has been stolen by politics, 1500 years ago, we have to backtrack if we want to be rational on that issue.

> It is no use to say more if you don't have read it, and don't want to get informed.

I didn't say I haven't read Plato, I said I knew more philosophy than he did, a lot more.

You know a lot of things, but "knowing" is not a valid argument in science.

> Making you defending Aristotle theology, confusing it with the physical science.

There is no doubt that somebody around here is confused because I have said more than once that Aristotle was the worst physicist who ever lived. Even his reputation as a great logician is overstated, he used some very intricate pure logic and concluded with certainty that women MUST have fewer teeth than men. They don't. Aristotle had a wife, he could have counted her teeth at any time but never bothered to because like most philosophers he already knew the truth, or thought he did.

Aristotle is one of the first very big scientists. To be wrong is the natural fate of all serious scientists. He was wrong not just on physics, he was wrong on theology (at least with respect to comp)..
But physics is allowed in academy, so we can correct his physics.
Unfortunately his theology is not allowed in academy, so if you say that it is incorrect you are mocked in the academy, and ignored, of course, from the churches. Result: we can't progress. Again atheism goes hand in hand with the fundamentalist christians and muslims. They both defend, in their own ways, the idea that Aristotle theology has to remain unchanged.
I don't buy your religion, John.

> I have never seen a paper in physics assuming a primitive physical reality, still less a paper showing how to test such idea.

I have no idea what you mean

We understand that because you have stopped the thinking at step 3.

but I will say this, if you have never seen a physics paper even attempt to do something then its probably not very important because they've attempted some pretty wacky things.




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