On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 4:40 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> Theology is a science.

It's a very strange science, it's a science that does not use the
scientific method and, not surprisingly, a science that has discovered
absolutely positively nothing about the nature of the universe despite
working on the problem for thousands of years. However I will admit that
theology's rate of success is every bit as good as that other "science",

> Aristotle hypothesis of the existence of a primary universe

Face reality and get with the program, Aristotle didn't know his ass from a
hole in the ground.

> Plato's questions are at the origin of science.

And neither did Plato.

> Aristotle is one of the first very big scientists. To be wrong is the
> natural fate of all serious scientists.

Yes all the great scientists were wrong about something, but unlike them
Aristotle was not just wrong he was also certain; he was so certain that
men have more teeth than women he didn't bother to look into his wife's
mouth. Even 2500 years ago that was lousy science.

> Again atheism goes hand in hand with the fundamentalist christians and
> muslims. [...] I don't buy your religion, John.

The taunt that atheism is a religion didn't impress me when I first heard
it at the age of 12 and it doesn't impress me today.

> The physical science is a product of a theology.

Yes, chemistry is the product of alchemy and astronomy is the product of
astrology, but our knowledge has improved over the centuries and we no
longer need such crap.

> >if you have never seen a physics paper even attempt to do something then
>> its probably not very important because they've attempted some pretty wacky
>> things.
> > ?

Which word didn't you understand?

  John K Clark

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