Hi Bruno Marchal 

All love, all truth, all beauty necessarily comes from God (Platonia's All).
So if you can feel any of those, there's your experience. 

Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net
Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him 
so that everything could function."
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On 15 Sep 2012, at 13:08, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi John Clark 

Theology was once called the queen of the sciences,
but that was just a power rating.

Theology is not a science, it's closer to but different than
philosophy in that theology is, or should be, based on scripture.
God's teachings, not man's.

I guess that it is here that we might disagree the more.

Theology, like everything else, should rely only to the experience, and then 
logic, theories, etc.

The experience can be helped by practice, meditation, prayer, plants, walking 
in woods and mountains, surfing the ocean, looking at Hubble picture, or doing 
jazz, and some Church can help a lot, when they handle magically the sun light.
Humans are known to write a lot of things, so scripture, as inspiring they can 
be, should never taken literally, nor ever too much seriously.

Most religion agree that God is not human conceivable, and that is why we can 
be deluded in recognizing sign, so that it is better to trust God for teaching 
Itself to the others, and not intervene too much on that plane. Cautious.
If not you are, willingly or unwillingly, imposing your conception of reality 
to the other.

Truth is a goddess which does not need any army to win.

Philosophy deals with belief and reason,

You mean science? OK.

Theology deals with faith  and scripture.

Theology deals with our relation with the big thing. Faith is a universal gift, 
but scriptures, when taken too much literally,  or too much repeated, can kill 
the original faith that we have all.



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