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> >> > 1) I understand and respect your argument here 100%. 
> >> > 2) I think that I have a better explanation 
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> >> The better explanation is the simpler one. Your explanation adds 
> >> extra, unnecessary and unsupported by any evidence layers to the one 
> >> Darwin came up with. 
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> > Are you saying that Darwin has an explanation for the origin of order? 
> Yes, mutation and natural selection. 

No. Natural selection is a type of order. Mutation describes a deviation 
from an established order which itself contributes to order.

I am open to the possibility that not everyone is able to grasp this, 
however if you are going to try to convince me that you are seeing 
something that I'm not, then you will be wasting your time. I understand 
exactly what you don't see, but because consciousness is intuitive and 
experiential rather than logical, there is nothing that I can say to make 
you see that your view leaves out the glaringly obvious.

The cosmology you suggest is something along the lines of "Once upon a 
time, there was randomness and emptiness which became living organisms 
eventually because that is inevitably one of the things that can happen.". 
Sort of like saying if you throw enough sand in a bucket, eventually it 
will play football and develop ballet and forget that it was ever sand.


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> Stathis Papaioannou 

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