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>> > Are you saying that Darwin has an explanation for the origin of order?
>> Yes, mutation and natural selection.
> No. Natural selection is a type of order. Mutation describes a deviation
> from an established order which itself contributes to order.

You could say the order was already there at the beginning of the
Universe but evolution gave it a different form. So where did the
original order come from?

> The cosmology you suggest is something along the lines of "Once upon a time,
> there was randomness and emptiness which became living organisms eventually
> because that is inevitably one of the things that can happen.". Sort of like
> saying if you throw enough sand in a bucket, eventually it will play
> football and develop ballet and forget that it was ever sand.

We know that some molecules can self-replicate. We know that these
chemicals can be made from simpler chemicals. Given a solution with
the simpler chemicals, the right conditions and enough time, the
self-replicators will spontaneously form. Once they form, they will
persist and multiply, because that is what self-replicators do. This
could be a very unlikely event but it does not need to occur more than
once. If it is possible to make self-replicators in small spontaneous
steps from sand then eventually the same will occur with sand,
somewhere in the universe.

Stathis Papaioannou

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