On Monday, October 8, 2012 1:35:31 PM UTC-4, Brent wrote:
>  On 10/8/2012 8:42 AM, John Clark wrote: 
> 2) Intelligent behavior is NOT associated with subjective experience, in 
> which case there is no reason for Evolution to produce consciousness and I 
> have no explanation for why I am here, and I have reason to believe that I 
> am the only conscious being in the universe.
> There's a third possibility: Intelligent behavior is sometimes associated 
> with subjective experience and sometimes not.  Evolution may have produced 
> consciousness as a spandrel, an accident of the particular developmental 
> path that evolution happened upon.  Or it may be that consciousness is 
> necessarily associated with only certain kinds of intelligent behavior, 
> e.g. those related to language.

You are almost right but have it upside down. When someone gets knocked 
unconscious, can they continue to behave intelligently? Can a baby wake up 
from a nap and become conscious before they learn language? 

What would lead us to presume that consciousness itself could supervene on 
intelligence except if we were holding on to a functionalist metaphysics?

Clearly human intelligence in each individual supervenes on their 
consciousness and clearly supercomputers can't feel any pain or show any 
signs of fatigue that would suggest a state of physical awareness despite 
their appearances of 'intelligence'.

If you flip it over though, you are right. Everything is conscious to some 
extent, but not everything is intelligent in a cognitive sense. The 
assumption of strong AI is that we can take the low hanging fruit of 
primitive consciousness and attach it to the tree tops of anthropological 
quality intelligence and it will grow a new tree into outer space.


> Bretn

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