Hi guys,

All life, especially if there is any decision to be made with multiple choices,
must have consciousness to whatever extent to make the best choice.
Even if it is instinctual it must know which instinct to carry out.

In any encounter, one must choose flight or fight (or eat or mate with).

For fight or flight among higher animals, the animal in an encounter
has to ask itself, if only visually:

1. Is it dangerous ?
2. Is it bigger than I am ?
3. Can it run faster than I can ?

Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen 

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2) Intelligent behavior is NOT associated with subjective experience, in which 
case there is no reason for Evolution to produce consciousness and I have no 
explanation for why I am here, and I have reason to believe that I am the only 
conscious being in the universe. 

There's a third possibility: Intelligent behavior is sometimes associated with 
subjective experience and sometimes not.  Evolution may have produced 
consciousness as a spandrel, an accident of the particular developmental path 
that evolution happened upon.  Or it may be that consciousness is necessarily 
associated with only certain kinds of intelligent behavior, e.g. those related 
to language. 

Consciousness is when you bet in your consistency, or in a reality, to help 

Consciousness precedes language, but follows perception and sensation. It 
unifies the interpretation of the senses, making the illusion possible. 

What illusion?  The illusion of self? 

The illusion possible in all consciousness content, except 'being conscious 
here and now' itself.  

Careful: illusion can be true, sometimes. I use "illusion" like we use "number" 
even for 0 and 1, despite "number" meant 'numerous'. 



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