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> Free Will-- You need enough freedom

My difficulty with the "free will" noise is not the "will" part, you want
to do some things and don't want to do others and that's clear, my
difficulty is with the "free" part; and all you're saying is that free will
is a will that is free so that does not help me.

> to make a choice of your own.

A choice made for a reason or a choice made for no reason; it's
deterministic or it's random.

> > Strictly speaking, I prefer the term "self-determination" meaning by
> anything inside your skin.

And that thing inside your skin that made you choose X rather than Y came
to be there for a reason (memory, your DNA, environmental factors, etc)  or
it came to be inside your skin for no reason at all in which case it was
random. I still have absolutely no idea what the "free will" noise is
supposed to mean and a very much doubt that you or anybody else does
either; and yet despite not having the slightest idea of what it means they
will continue to passionately believe it. Weird. I neither believe nor
disbelieve in "free will".

  John K Clark

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