On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 05:50:11AM -0700, Craig Weinberg wrote:
> They are certainly cool looking and biomorphic. The question I have is, at 
> what point do they begin to have experiences...or do you think that those 
> blobs have experiences already?
> Would it give them more of a human experience if an oscillating 
> smiley-face/frowny-face algorithm were added graphically into the center of 
> each blob?
> Craig

Assuming this system exhibits universality like the original GoL, and
assuming COMP, then some patterns will exhibit consciousness. However,
the patterns will no doubt be astronomical in size. The movies you see
here would be like taking an electron microscopic movie of the inner
workings of part of one cell in the human body.

I was more struck by the apparent similarity of the movie to the formation of
bilipid membranes.


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