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>> You don't know diddly squat about "our consciousness", you only know
>> about your consciousness; assuming of course that you are conscious, if not
>> then you don't even know that.
> If that were true, then you don't know diddly squat about what I know.

Not true, I know you don't have a proof of the Goldbach Conjecture. Well
OK, I don't know that with absolute certainty, maybe you have a proof but
are keeping it secret for some strange reason, but my knowledge is more
than diddly squat because I very strongly suspect you have no such proof
and I'm probably right. But I do know for certain that you don't have a
valid proof that 2+2=5 or a way to directly detect consciousness in any
mind other than your own.

You can't have it both ways. Either it is possible that we know things or
> it is not.

That is most certainly true, it is possible to know things, it's just not
possible to know all things.

> You can't claim to be omniscient about my ignorance.

It's almost as if you're claiming your ignorance is vast, well I admit I am
not omniscient about your ignorance, no doubt you are ignorant about things
that I don't know you are ignorant of.

> Let's see how computer fares under a giant junkyard magnet.

Let's see how you fare in a junkyard car crusher.

  John K Clark

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