On Monday, October 22, 2012 12:28:41 PM UTC-4, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> But that's what the brain does, simulate experience from the point of   
> view of the owner or liver of the experience. According to some   
> theory. You can't talk like if you knew that this is false. 
This is the retrospective view of consciousness that takes experience for 
granted. How can experience itself be simulated? I can have an experience 
within which another experience is simulated, but there is no ontological 
basis for the assumption that experience itself - *all experience* can be 
somehow not really happening but instead be a non-happening that defines 
itself *as if* it is happening. Somewhere, on some level of description, 
something has to actually be happening. If the brain simulates experience, 
what is it doing with all of those neurotransmitters and cells? Why bother 
with a simulation or experience at all? Comp has no business producing such 
things at all. If the world is computation, why pretend it isn't - and how 
exactly is such a pretending possible.

It's a fun theory, but it's really not a viable explanation for the 
universe where we actually live.


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