On 11/2/2012 4:27 PM, Hal Ruhl wrote:
  [SPK]   Do you see mutation as a one-to-many map and selection as a many
-to-one map?

Well the DNA strings we know of are finite [n characters] so a particular
example is a "one" in some sense and this string's finite number of
mutations 4 ^ n+ is a "many".  However, I do not see that selection will
always produce just "one" successor.
Hi Hal,

One DNA stand mutates into many... Only a few survive and create more copies of themselves...

My intent with #9 was to open the door a crack on what I would like to post

Slightly larger crack: I too have been chewing on these concepts for many
years.  I have several unpublished works expressing versions of these ideas
such as "A Path to Socioeconomic Sustainability", 1992, Library of Congress
deposit # TXu 554 900 among others and a very few published tiny pieces.

My goal here is to make sure the underling engine of what I will now try to
publish is sound.  As potential returns to the list some of the engine's
consequences seem of interest here such as consciousness distribution in an
ecosystem and the engine's impact on the concept of freewill.

I am with you. This WORK is a collective effort, each of us working individually to make the new paradigm real. ;-)



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