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I believe with Kant that conciousness has structure (the categories) 
or else we could not know anything. These categories are ontological,
not mental, and so are a priori.

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On 12/13/2012 2:33 PM, meekerdb wrote:

On 12/13/2012 9:46 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote: 
So I have no conflicts with science as long as I  keep in mind what 
kind of truth is referred to.

There is one truth. Let us search it.

There are many true propositions, but I don't think they can be collected in a 
coherent 'one truth'.


    I agree with this statement 100%. I see it as having long range 
implications and why it is the case should be understood. I have tried to argue 
an informal proof of this idea in terms of the impossibility of determining SAT 
for the Boolean algebraic representation of 'all that exists', but it seems 
that no one understands or is willing to discuss the argument. I see it as 
eliminating the possibility of the a priori or ontologically fundamental fixed 
structure such as what Parminides or Plato would have us believe. This is where 
I disagree mostly with Bruno.



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