On 16 Dec 2012, at 00:05, meekerdb wrote:

On 12/15/2012 7:09 AM, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi Craig Weinberg

Conservatives indeed generally resist most
(but not all) change because the changes
are emotionally based rather than logically based,
and so often do more harm than good.
And waste money.

You mean like abolishing slavery, universal education, giving women the vote, putting up lightning rods, vaccination,... all those 'emotionally based' changes that conservatives opposed in the name of God, the bible, and the divine right of kings?

We will have to wait to see if I am right or not,
but all of the indications suggest that Obamacare
will be at least a financial catastrophe.

It may well be, since conservatives prevented European style national health care, which costs only half as much per capita. The Dems had to compromise by mandating private insurance in order to get the insurance company lobbyist on their side.

In a working democracy, both the left and the right are important. You can vote on the left when the country go to far on the right, and on the right when he go to far on the left. That is what is important.

The problem with "old" democracies, is that the politicians get to know each other and eventually, if the corruption level is too high, you can no more make difference, as they defend only special interests.

Personally as long as the lies on drugs continue, I really doubt the word "politics" can have any sensible meaning. A working political systems necessitate some investment in education.

Obama was very promising at the start, but he has quickly shown that the "democrats" can be more "republicans" than the republicans. We will see, as he might have more degree of freedom in his second term, but my hope are not so high about that.



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