On 19 Dec 2012, at 13:04, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

Dear Bruno,
Excuse if i donĀ“t address your question.
"I define good as that which enhances life and evil
as that which diminishes it"
That is also my definition. Going a step further, good is tautological and absolute, in the same way that is evil: what is good lives,

What is evil, perishes, The evil may recover itself from past defeats by ever recreating itself in new forms. The good stay and get transmitted from generation to generation by our genes and our memes. So it is in our nous, accessible to everyone.

OK. That Roger's definition, but in human science there are always exceptional counter-example, like I illustrate with the prolife doctor. Enhancing life might depends on what we call life. Seventy years in a hospital surrounded by machines and tubes might not be an improvement, from the pov of some people.


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