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>> >>>> The astronomer Giordano Bruno would not have been surprised to hear 
>>>>> that the invention of science was a fight against theology, he was burned 
>>>>> alive by the church for suggesting that the bright points of light you 
>>>>> see 
>>>>> in the night sky were other suns very very far away. 
>>>> >>>The Catholic Church of the 16th century is no more representative of 
>>>> Theology
>>> >> In Europe in 1600 the Catholic Church was not representative of 
>>> theology it virtually was theology; competing franchises like Judaism and 
>>> Islam were just rounding errors, and they were just as dumb anyway.   
>> > Then by that logic, the practice of bloodletting should represent 
>> Medicine, and witch burning should represent Justice.
> Medicine and science and Justice have improved since 1600 but as for 
> religion....., well I suppose the Catholic Church has improved too, after 
> all they did admit that they may have gone a bit too far in their treatment 
> of Galileo and that he may have had a point after all, they said this in 
> the year 2000.  There have been calls for the church to reopen the case 
> against the astronomer Giordano Bruno and give hin a posthumous apology for 
> burning him alive but so far the church has not done so, but give them 
> time, it's only been 413 years, and I'm sure defending themselves from all 
> those pedophile cases must be time consuming. 
>> >> Huh?  Charles Darwin and ethnic cleansing, it does not compute.
>> > It did for many people. 
>> http://www.britannica.com/blogs/2009/02/beyond-darwin-eugenics-social-darwinism-and-the-social-theory-of-the-natural-selection-of-humans/
> Apparently you believe that Charles Darwin should be held accountable 

No, that's why I used the comparison as an example of fallacious logic.

> for the sins of his cousin Francis Galton, but Darwin was never a social 
> Darwinist and opposed slavery long before it was popular to do so, in a 
> letter he said " what a proud thing for England, if she is the first 
> European nation which utterly abolish is it". But of course the personal 
> virtues or vices of Charles Darwin have nothing to do with the truth or 
> falsehood of his theory, it's just interesting that unlike Issac Newton who 
> was a complete bastard Darwin was a very nice man, even people who didn't 
> like his theory tended to like the man personally. 

Newton was definitely a whack job, but I have no problem with either his 
theories or Darwin's - I'm just saying that they are part of the progress 
which began with spirituality and religion and continued to develop through 
theology, philosophy, and science. Of course, the key being that I am one 
of the many people who view the current phase of science as having passed 
its prime and will decay unless it can embrace larger and more scientific 

>> > I take it as a given that you will think anything that I say is 
>> bullshit, 
> Only if everything you say is bullshit. Try saying something that isn't 
> bullshit, who knows maybe you'll like it.

I don't bullshit as far as I know. I have no reason to lie and I'm not very 
good at it. It's not because I have a moral aversion to it, I'm just too 
lazy to keep track of what I say, so it's simpler to tell the truth.

>> > Genesis also - simple - first with the light, then with the dividing 
>> the waters and whatnot
> Genesis hypothesizes that something grand and complex (God)

Genesis doesn't say anything about God being grand and complex as far as I 
know. It's a three letter word and it is not explained at all, so how 
complex could it be?

> produced something less grand and less complex (humans), 

Less grand maybe, but not less complex. Isn't God just supposed to be "I am 
that I am."?

> but Darwin provided a mechanism by which something complex (humans) could 
> be produced by something less grand and less complex (bacteria) ; and that 
> is why Charles Darwin was a vastly superior human being compared to 
> whatever nameless bozo it was that wrote Genesis.  

Probably several people contributed to writing Genesis, but while I think 
that the Bible has caused a lot of harm to the world, it's still 
responsible for driving much of the art and science of the Western world. 
Had Gutenberg printed the Origin of Species instead of a Bible, printing 
probably would not have caught on with the public.

>> >> Ron Popeil is much more moral than theologians because the stuff he 
>>> sells on TV actually exists.
>> > Still, televangelism is not representative of theology as a whole.
> Theology is just like any other line of work, not everybody manages to 
> reach the very top.

I doubt that most televangelists have even studied theology.


>   John K Clark

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