On 21 Jan 2013, at 23:14, John Mikes wrote:


"...I have identified, in the comp context, "God" with Arithmetical Truth,"

does that mean: complying with human logic (any)?

Not really. Arithmetical truth is independent of the humans. "17 would be prime even if the humans did not exist. This is made explicit by the comp context. if comp is false it might be different, and you are free to propose a non comp theory. But once you accept a digital brain prosthesis and survived, it is only a matter of time and work to understand that "17 is prime" is not a specifically human truth, but an universal one.

Just imagine a world (universe) without logically THINKING beings (humans?) with no math to formulate (numbers, to express): is there a "God" there?

"God" is "universal truth (that we are searching, or not). With comp, I would say "yes", there is a God there, as with comp God is arithmetical truth, and arithmetical truth in true even "in a world without any math formula". Now if you say that there is no number in that world, then there will be no "God" in the sense of comp. But I am not sure I can make sense of the word "world" with or without numbers. Numbers are not the type of things belonging to world, at least not with further precision.
May be your question is not precise enough. Feel free to elaborate.



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