On 2/6/2013 11:42 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 2:29:12 PM UTC-5, Brent wrote:

    On 2/6/2013 5:09 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

    On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 5:13:03 AM UTC-5, Alberto G.Corona wrote:

        2013/2/5 Roger Clough <rcl...@verizon.net>

            Hi Alberto G. Corona
            Your concept is incomplete, because geometry is what Plato called 
            which he gave the Greek name of ideas.  So you have a thought 
without a

        Yes, the greeks did not conceive an empty space without forms. For them 
it was
        the forms what created the space.

    I think that they were right. What I propose about light, and all forms of 
    is that they do not literally radiate through space as waves or projectiles
    independently of forms, but that what we experience as light is exactly 
what it
    seems to be: how we sense the world visually.

    A rather useless model of light.  The EM field in spacetime also predicts 
    existence of lasers, infrared radiation, radio, light pressure, the CMB, 
    spectra, and thousands of other phenomena that are just 'magic' in your
    'sensory-motor' theory.

It's not intended to replace EM field equations, only to interpret them in a way which better reflect nature. We can explain many things about human civilization without noting the existence of emotion or sensation. Political theories, economic theories, industrial production, etc can all be understood without modeling emotion but using impersonal theoretical drivers 'supply and demand', individual and state, raw materials and finished products. This is a perfectly adequate level of description for engineering or control of a process, but it is not the whole story. Why my theory offers is the last link which makes sense of the whole story.

Your 'theory' just amounts to a bald assertion that somewhere, somehow when some nerves/molecules/atoms/quarks in a human being get perturbed by some energy that came from a photon that vision magically takes place. It doesn't explain why vision doesn't happen in a camera or why people dont' see infrared or why the same neurons are active when imagining something as when seeing it. It makes no testable predictions.


There is no other way to get from matter to mind. We can use different terms, but in the end, it is only through sense that matter and 'information' come to exist.

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