On Tuesday, February 5, 2013 5:19:01 AM UTC-5, Simon Forman wrote:
> On Monday, February 4, 2013 12:22:53 PM UTC-8, Craig Weinberg wrote:
>> On Monday, February 4, 2013 3:09:16 PM UTC-5, Alberto G.Corona wrote:
>>> but there is a self reference when we try to imagine how the brain or a 
>>> computer process geometry, and we imagine them embedded in the space and 
>>> time that they create, which is not a correct intuition. we must imagine it 
>>> in no time and no space. IMHO.
>> That's what I think too, geometry without space isn't geometry, so that 
>> there is no reason to assume that mathematics produces geometric 
>> presentations, or that it could possibly produce them. If we want 
>> mathematics to occupy space, we have to pull that possibility out of thin 
>> air, as well as the capacity for numbers to suddenly do that (and why would 
>> they need to?)
>> Craig
> Doesn't the quantum physical reality of information mean that all math 
> *is* geometry?
> Put another way, math without a substratum would be in some platonic 
> world, and not the real one, so aren't you basically asking if there's some 
> way to do math without form?

Even if math requires form, it still only requires a binary-digital form, 
not geometric presentations. I'm not asking if there's a way of doing math 
without form, I am asserting that form does not follow from math, and would 
be useless, redundant, and probably impossible for math to generate if we 
assume math in a Platonic world.

> Forgive me if I'm being an idoit. ;)

Not at all, I thought it was a good question.



> ~Simon

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