On 2/14/2013 9:43 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

On Thursday, February 14, 2013 6:52:21 PM UTC-5, Stephen Paul King wrote:

    On 2/14/2013 6:08 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
    > I don't think there are any models or systems at all. Not
    > There are only presentations and re-presentations. Habits and

         I agree, they cannot be "physical" at all, they are
    not things-in-themselves (objects). The trick is to see the
    between the general properties of representations and objects
    while not
    thinking of they as separable. For any object there exist at least
    representation and for every representation there exists at least one
    object. This sets up the isomorphism of the Stone duality.

I'm on board with that, but I think to complete the picture, both the subjective representations (models) and objective representations (objects) should be understood to exist only through subjective presentations (sense). The isomorphism of the Stone duality requires sense to relate topologies to algebras, i.e. they don't relate to each other directly and independently of an observer. The duality is a reflection of the observer's capacity to observe.


OK, let's take it to the next step. Let us agree that "they don't relate to each other directly and independently of an observer", they being represented as X and Y. Does this require that there does not exist an observer Z than can see both of X's and Y's total world lines simultaneously? If the world line of Z is longer than that of X and Y by some number then they would be able to communicate directly (well you know what I mean) and thus be able to come to some complete agreement that Z knows all about X and Y. Could Z be said to 'know' a representation of the life and times of X and Y?



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