On Mon, Feb 25, 2013  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

>>when a computer is operating correctly it can most certainly tell the
>> difference between a audio and a video file,
> > Absolutely false.

How so?

> It can tell the difference between one file format and another,

Well that's all I said.

> but there is no relation between a file format and the ability for that
> file to be output to a screen as opposed to a speaker

And yet when I play a video on a web page my computer always sends the
audio signal to the speaker and the video signal to the screen and not the
other way round. How can it do that it it doesn't know if the output should
go to the screen or speaker? Is it just lucky?

> I have opened music files before as bitmaps. You can still open an mp3
> file as text in Windows by renaming it's extender.

Yes, and in exactly the same manner I can examine your ideas and I can also
open your skull and examine your brain; one way of looking at things does
not contradict the other but are complementary, and a computer can look at
things both ways.

> If a computer could tell the difference between an audio file and a video
> file, you wouldn't need file extenders

Some modern programs can get along without file extensions, although if you
deliberately try to confuse it by giving it a incorrect extension the
conflicting information will make the machine queasy; and if you receive
information from your eyes that conflicts with information from your inner
ear you will get motion sickness and feel nauseous.

> As you can see from my sample above, your assertion is false. The machine
is happy to crap out ASCII garbage instead of music

You specifically told the machine to interpret it as ASCII, so why are you
complaining that it did exactly as you requested? You're saying that the
ability of computers to look at any file as a bitmap or as a bunch of ASCII
symbols shows some sort of inherent limitation of computers, and that makes
no sense.

John K Clark

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