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> Artificial neural networks have been trained to fly planes, invest in the
> stock market, converts speech to text, recognise handwriting and so on and
> so on.


> > For most of these cases, nobody understands how the network works, they
> only understand how they created the necessary
> conditions for a certain behaviour to emerge.

Also true. So you know that under certain circumstances shit happens, and
that's all that you need to know if you're just interested in how, but not
if you also want to know why. So if you just wanted to know how to make a
AI you could reverse engineer a human brain, you might not understand why
your creation worked but that wouldn't stop it from working.

> > The first activity [science] offers public rewards

It helps you figure out how the world actually works not how you wish it
works. And because what you've discovered is not just true for you but for
the external world too I'd be interested to hear what you've found out.

> > the second only offers private rewards.

Well, I suppose navel gazing might lower the blood pressure in some people,
but don't expect it to teach you anything important about the complexities
of reality, otherwise you'll be as disappointed as the last hundred
generation of navel gazers have been. And navel gazers turn into total
bores as soon as they open their mouth because even if they really have
found something it is only true for them.

> > You freed yourself from the dogmas of Christianity but not from its
> morality.

 Wow, calling a guy known for disliking religion religious, never heard
that one before, at least I never heard it before I was 12.

>> if you are a logical man then your doubts about the consciousness of  a
>> intelligent robot would be no greater than your doubts about the
>> consciousness of your fellow intelligent  human beings; and lets face it as
>> a practical matter those doubts must be very very very very small.
> > From a Bayesian standpoint, we are disagreeing on the value of a prior.
> This has nothing to do with logic, we just place different bets on an
> unknown.

I don't understand, are you saying that you actually believe that it is
likely that you are the only conscious being in the universe??

> >> If you believe that intelligence and consciousness are unrelated then
>> logically there is no alternative, you must believe that Charles Darwin
>> was  wrong.
> > That doesn't follow.

Like hell it doesn't!! You know for a fact that Evolution produced at least
one being (and probably many billions) that was not just intelligent but
conscious too, and there is absolutely positively no reason for Evolution
to do that if intelligence and consciousness are unrelated.

> > I believe that human intelligence is a product of Darwinian evolution
> and I'm agnostic on consciousness.

Then what I said before was entirely wrong, your views are not even close
to being self consistent.

 John K Clark

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