On Sat, May 11, 2013  Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Nothing can truly be proven nor disproven,

Then you must believe that the word "proof" should be expunged from the
English language as there would be no time when it would be appropriate to
use it. I disagree and rather like the word.

> The people you are describing are those that hold the constancy of their
> beliefs in higher regard than the truth of their beliefs.

Yes exactly, the "it's true for me" people, in other words religious
believers, in other words morons.

 > Meme's which hold self-preservation and constancy above all else, are
> those that will persist through time.

Yes just like viruses, and like viruses some memes kill their hosts as in
Islamic suicide bombers.

> I don't know that science is usually correct.

Then I have a advantage over you because I did know that science is usually

> Even our leading theories, QM and GR, we feel are not fully correct since
> they don't work well together.

And science is probably correct in thinking that both these theories work
beautifully everywhere except for 2 places, the singularity at the center
of a Black Hole and the instant of the Big Bang, and science is certainly
correct in thinking that more work is required before we understand those

> Here you are lumping all religious belief together

All religions are stupid but some religions are stupider (and more
dangerous) than others.

  John K Clark

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