On 9/25/2013 8:37 PM, LizR wrote:
Anyone who has a problem with Bruno's teleportation thought experiment should logically have the same problem with the MWI. If for the sake of argument I use a quantum event to decide whether to get on a plane to Moscow or Washington, then my diary will contain one or the other destination - in two universes - and the concept of "I" has to take into account that this is the case.

Unless you take Scott Aaronson's view that teleportation requires transmitting the quantum state to Moscow, in which case the no-cloning theorem implies that the original in Helsinki is destroyed.

I think that the relevant structure of the brain is quasi-classical and so a classical copying will produce a working copy with a gap in memory, just like anesthesia. But that also implies that the two copies will immediately be distinct. They don't have to wait to look outside.


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