On 28 Sep 2013, at 06:27, John Clark wrote:

On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 12:02 AM, Stathis Papaioannou <stath...@gmail.com > wrote:

> Teleportation thought experiments are also about what you can expect to see.

And I have no objection to thought experiments of that sort, but Bruno is not talking about assigning the probability you will see Moscow or Washington,

Yes, it is. You invent thing.

he's talking about the probability you will become the Washington Man or the Moscow Man,

No, it is not. Please read the posts or papers, and don't make opportunist changes.

and the two things are not the same. He claims that if personal diaries were kept and predictions about the future were made in them it would be concrete evidence on who is who and have a bearing on the nature of personal identity, but that is nonsense.

Yes, I insist on that. But see above.

If yesterday I wrote in my diary that there is a 100% chance I would make money in the stock market tomorrow but today I lost my shirt my failed prediction would not destroy my identity, I would not enter oblivion I'd just be broke. Personal identity can only be traced from the past to the present, the future is unknown.

UDA is constructed in a way which avoid any concern with personal identity. Like all (rare) opponents, you put in my mouth things I never said or write. Easy.



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