>>Anyone who has a problem with Bruno's teleportation thought experiment
should logically have the same problem with the MWI. If for the sake of
argument I use a quantum event to decide whether to get on a plane to Moscow
or Washington, then my diary will contain one or the other destination - in
two universes - and the concept of "I" has to take into account that this is
the case.


Thus opening up the infinities (or very large numbers at least) of "I"s as
being the full spectrum of being. really stretching the perception of self
in a mind bending way. If this is reality then perhaps at some level all the
"I"s of any quantum-meta-being are connected to some shared combinatorial
tree of being beginning from some initial inception (or range of possible
outcomes at inception) & embryogenesis and growing out geometrically from

I sense you are suggesting that this extended (somehow dimensionally smeared
out perhaps) being that spans across the dimensions may be the true seat of
being, in which case we become fragments of ourselves. [explains a lot about
the motivation of the ego LOL]

It is an appealing idea to me. the idea that we are mere fragments of our
actual true selves - each fragment "self" walled off in its dimensional
confines - each acting out its world line, contributing thus to the full
self-expression of the larger meta being.  We seem utterly unaware (at least
in our everyday frame of reference and consciousness) of this possible much
vaster self. Each of us living what we believe to be our lives, but which
from the larger perspective of the full range of being is only a single
thread spun out in the full tapestry of the fully ultimately realized being.
This is a beautiful idea. humbling for us, but also beautiful.


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