> On 3 Oct 2013, at 11:12 am, chris peck <chris_peck...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Liz
> >> Is there something wrong with quantum indeterminacy?
> Apart from the fact the MWI removes it? And that that is the point of MWI? 
> And that probability questions in MWI are notoriously thorny?
> This is why I resort to the Quantum Suicide experiment or better still to 
> Quantum Russian Roulette. The experimenter is 1-p certain of his own 
> survival, not unsure about it. Otherwise, he'ld never take part. And this 
> certainty has nothing to do with the fact that in the other outcome he dies. 
> It doesn't matter what happens in that branch. His certainty is consequent on 
> the fact that all outcomes obtain and being a MWI believer he believes just 
> that.
> The Stanford Encyclopedia puts it:
>  "The quantum state of the Universe at one time specifies the quantum state 
> at all times. If I am going to perform a quantum experiment with two possible 
> outcomes such that standard quantum mechanics predicts probability 1/3 for 
> outcome A and 2/3 for outcome B, then, according to the MWI, both the world 
> with outcome A and the world with outcome B will exist. It is senseless to 
> ask: "What is the probability that I will get A instead of B?" because I will 
> correspond to both "Lev"s: the one who observes A and the other one who 
> observes B."
> I agree with that analysis, and disagree with subsequent attempts to smuggle 
> some notion of probability back in. I'll read them again shortly just to see 
> if they are any more convincing but on the face of it MWI has an issue with 
> 1-p indeterminacy. It shouldn't really be there.

Nevertheless I assume you follow some notion of probability in everyday life. 
If it is predicted that there is a 90% chance of rain you take your umbrella. 
You don't reason that as you will both get wet and not get wet, and it is 
bullshit to say you will get wet in "more worlds" or you are "more likely" to 
get wet, there is no point in the umbrella. So are you behaving irrationally, 
or is your behaviour indication that the MWI is false?

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