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On Tue, Oct 1, 2013  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> Every one know that if we assume that if the Helsinki man can survive digital teleportation, in each of those futures he will feel to be unique, and living in only one city,

Digital teleportation is not necessary, with existing technology I can make a real experiment, not just a thought experiment, that incorporates all the philosophical implications, such as they are, as your hi-tech version. In Helsinki I put you into a soundproof box, I then flip a fair coin and put you and the box on a jet headed to either Washington of Moscow. Several hours later you push a button, the box opens and you find out what city your eyes are receiving signals from. Do you find anything about this surprising or philosophically interesting? I don't.

OK. That clear. You really miss the point. In your scenario, you throw a coin. In the duplication, you don't throw any coin, yet it generates the same situation, indeed. That is the "miracle".

A much more real thought experience is that I give you a Island spath (CaCO_3 cristal), and I send a photon in some polarized state, and if it deviates, I send you to Moscow, and if not, I send you to Washington.

That is again phenomenologically equivalent (as both futures are realized, in the two cases, for different reason).
But here, we use the (Everett) QM, and comp does not assume it.

> and the question asked in Helsinki was bearing about the expectation on which city he will feel to see when opening the door.

Who cares?

The point is in getting to step 4, once you see that the duplication experience is phenomenologically equivalent with a throw of a coin.
Like you have just shown.

In that case we can use the P=1/2 of the coin, in the duplication, and that will be used in some further step.

This post shows that you get the point. So please proceed.

Expectations have NOTHING to do with a feeling of self, and that's what we're talking about.

(I think the point is in the understanding that if comp is correct (we can survive digital teleportation), then physics become a branch of arithmetic/computer science), making comp testable.

You might try to see what it is meant by that, before being convinced (or not) that comp makes this necessary.



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